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Enhance your property's curb appeal.

With our professional soft washing services in and around Salina, you can count on Advantage Softwash to protect your property's exterior and get your property looking like new.

"They did an amazing job! They were very professional and brought my white farm house back to life after the 80 mph dust storms. Thank you!!"

kayla errebo

Protect and beautify your property with our regular soft washing services.

Ensuring your property's exterior looks neat and tidy is essential for aesthetics and maintenance. That's why it's important to consider having regular soft washing services done on your property in Salina, KS. Our professional cleaners effectively remove dirt, grime, oil, grease, and other materials that can build up outside your property over time. This will leave your home looking clean and fresh and help protect it from further damage caused by these materials.

Advantage Softwash offers regular cleaning services to improve the exterior appearance of your residential or commercial property. Our services include soft washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof washing, driveway cleaning, and more. You can rely on us to handle all your property's exterior cleaning needs.

Family-owned and operated

We strive to provide a personalized and attentive approach to each project, listening to your concerns and delivering a service that exceeds your expectations. When you choose our services, you're not just another client but a family member.

Green cleaning solutions

We're committed to providing environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to our clients. Our soft wash approach combines specialized detergents and low-pressure water to gently and effectively remove dirt from surfaces without harsh chemicals.

100% customer satisfaction

Our company is dedicated to ongoing education and keeping up with the newest cleaning advancements and methodologies. We strive to ensure that every project results in the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Social proof from happy customers

"They were very professional polite and courteous. Even the truck looks great. The house was cleaned as well as a limestone fireplace and it all looks great. I would recommend them to anyone."

Terry Smoot

A Service You Can Trust

Our guarantee is simple - if you see a problem, we will return and fix it at no charge. And with our 48-hour rain guarantee, we are committed to ensuring our work looks great, rain or shine. Our ultimate goal is to leave our customers feeling satisfied and confident in our services. We take every job seriously, working hard to ensure that every project is up to our high standards and worthy of a 5-star rating. So you can trust us to deliver quality service every time, backed by our guarantee.

Safely Restore Your Property's Beauty!

Our professional cleaners use specialized techniques to safely remove unwanted buildup from a property's exterior. With a combination of low-pressure water and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, our method safely removes algae and bacteria without causing damage to delicate surfaces. Our priority is preserving the integrity of your property while utilizing sustainable and safe cleaning practices. Trust us for a safe and effective way to restore your property's exterior.

Residential Soft Washing Services

Our residential soft washing services are designed to gently and effectively clean the exterior of your home, removing dirt, grime, mold, and other buildup to improve its curb appeal and protect its longevity.

  • Restore the appearance of your home's exterior.
  • Increase the value of your house.
Commercial Soft Washing Services

Our commercial soft washing services use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and low-pressure water to safely and effectively remove harmful materials from commercial properties, boosting their appearance and safeguarding their structural integrity.

  • Save money on costly repairs or replacements.
  • Remove harmful substances like mold and bacteria that can be a health hazard to employees and customers.
An after view of a clean vinyl siding.a before view of a dirty vinyl siding.
Roof Cleaned by experienced professionalsDirty Roof of the residential property

Keep Your Roof Safe and Clean!

Our roof washing services use gentle soft washing techniques that guarantee a thorough clean and avoid damage to your roof's surface. Trust our experienced professionals to provide a safe and effective solution that improves your home's curb appeal, prolongs the life of your roof, and safeguards against damage caused by harmful substances like algae and moss. Avoid the dangers of cleaning your roof alone and trust our specialized soft washing techniques for a shining clean roof.

Residential Roof Washing Services

We use specialized soft washing techniques that combine low-pressure water and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to break down and dissolve dirt, grime, and other buildups while avoiding damage to delicate roofing materials such as shingles and tiles. Our team of experienced professionals carefully inspects your roof to determine the proper cleaning method that best fits its unique needs, ensuring a thorough cleaning.

  • A clean roof can help regulate the temperature inside the house, leading to improved energy efficiency.
  • Regular roof washing can prevent costly repairs that arise from the accumulation of harmful substances like algae.
Commercial Roof Washing Services

We provide businesses with a safe and effective way to clean their roofs without causing damage to their surfaces. We use effective soft-washing techniques to remove harmful substances and extend the life of your roof.

  • A clean roof enhances the appearance of a commercial building, projecting a professional and well-maintained image to clients.
  • Regular commercial roof washing can prevent costly repairs.

Experience the Crystal Clear View!

Our window cleaning service offers a professional-grade solution to enhance the appearance of your building and let more natural light into your interior. Our team uses specialized equipment to safely clean windows of any size or height, leaving them streak-free and crystal-clear. From residential windows to commercial office buildings, our experienced team provides a thorough and efficient window cleaning service that leaves your building looking polished and professional.

Residential Window Cleaning Services

Our residential window cleaner provides a professional-grade solution to enhance the appearance of your home's interior and exterior. We provide a comprehensive, effective window cleaning service using advanced equipment and skilled methods.

  • Regular cleaning prevents damage buildup, improving the lifespan of the windows.
  • Window cleaning allows more natural light into your home, reducing energy bills.
Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Our commercial window cleaning services are tailored to ensure your business property conveys clients a professional and well-maintained image. Our experienced team uses specialized equipment and techniques to leave your business windows crystal clear and spotless while prioritizing safety and avoiding disruption to your business operations.

  • It also helps to protect the windows from damage, which can lead to costly replacements.
  • Clean windows also enhance employee morale by providing a more comfortable and pleasant working environment.
Professional cleaned the windowsDirty Windows of a house in Salina, KS
Gutter Cleaning services offered by Advantage SoftwashClogged gutters of residential property in Salina, KS

Unclog Your Gutters!

Do you have clogged gutters? Our gutter cleaning service is essential in maintaining the structural integrity of your property. To direct rainwater away from your building, gutters clogged with debris can significantly damage your roof, walls, and foundation, leading to costly repairs. Our experienced team of professionals clears away all debris, ensuring water flows down the gutter correctly. Our professionals delivers an efficient and effective gutter cleaning service that allows your gutters to function effectively and protect your property from water damage.

Residential Gutter Cleaning Services

We utilize specialized techniques that are both safe and efficient to remove debris and ensure the proper functioning of your home's gutters. We guarantee smooth operation, preventing costly damages from an improper drainage system.

  • Clean gutters eliminate the risk of mold growth.
  • Regular gutter cleaning helps to prevent water damage to your home's foundation and interiors by ensuring smooth operation.
Commercial Gutter Cleaning Services

Our quality gutter cleaning service is the perfect solution for maintaining the structural integrity of your business property. Our team uses specific tools to remove blockages, preventing water flow issues and reducing the need for costly maintenance and repairs.

  • Gutter cleaning services remove any buildup, preventing the formation of mold, mildew, and other harmful bacteria.
  • Maintaining your property's overall curb appeal.

Revamp Your Driveway's Appearance!

Our specialized driveway cleaning service uses pressure washing equipment and eco-friendly solutions to safely remove accumulated dirt, and other debris, improving the appearance of your driveway. Our team of professionals can handle driveways of all sizes and surfaces, delivering an efficient and effective solution that enhances your property's appearance and protects against slip and fall hazards. Trust us to provide regular driveway cleaning that enhances your property's curb appeal and safety.

Residential Driveway Cleaning Services

Our residential driveway cleaning services keep your driveway looking brand new by removing dirt, grime, and oil stains and improving your property's curb appeal. Our team utilizes specific methods and tools to clean thoroughly and efficiently.

  • Slippery driveways can pose hazards to pedestrians and drivers. Cleaning removes built-up grime, improving traction and preventing accidents.
  • Regular driveway cleaning preserves the aesthetic and functional quality of your property's driveway.
Commercial Driveway Cleaning Services

Our commercial driveway cleaning services provide thorough cleaning to keep your business property looking professional and well-maintained. We have a skilled team that utilizes specialized equipment and techniques to effectively eliminate dirt, grime, and oil stains from the exterior of your property, resulting in a better overall appearance.

  • A clean, well-maintained driveway offers customers and visitors an excellent first impression, conveying professionalism and attention to detail.
  • A clean driveway reduces the risk of accidents and liabilities, protecting employees and visitors from slips, falls, and mishaps.
Professional cleaned driveway of residential property in Salina, KSDirty Driveway

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Exceptional service. The house came out looking better than I ever expected.

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